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Get Discovered by New Customers Quickly

$175 per month +$350 one off set up fee (plus ad spend)

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Get Your Business to the Top of Google Search Results Quickly

Google Ads are an excellent way to get discovered by new customers. I set up and manage search campaigns for my clients, as well as Google shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping Ads show at the top of relevant searches. They also appear under the “shopping’ tab.
Google Ads show at the top of search results for relevant keywords. They appear above the map and the organic results.

The Process

1 x 60minutes strategy session or three x 60 minute strategy sessions

Step 1. Click Get Started

Click ‘Get Started’ button and enter your credit card details. This will handle the set up fee payment, send you an invoice and get your details into the system.

The first month costs $525 ($175 monthly management + $350 one off set up fee). Please note you will also need to pay Google separately (we will handle that in our next step).

Choose a time for our meeting that works for you

Step 2. Book in an initial chat

After your payment has been received you will be shown a calendar where you can choose the day and time that suits you for an initial chat.

I’ll meet with you on Zoom to make sure I understand your business, help you to choose a budget for Google, and get some other details I need to set up your account.

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Step 3. Sit back & relax

Once I have the details I need, I’ll create the campaign for you.

Typically Google Ads campaigns are up and running quickly, and getting results in a week or two.

I’ll keep in contact with you frequently when the ads are getting started, and then monthly when the campaign is established.

Results of Existing Customers

An email I received from a client

64 New Leads in a Month

For a client in the tutoring industry, we consistently bring in 50-70 leads per month. It costs this client $10 per lead. Considering the client value is around $2,000 that is a fantastic return on investment.

46 New Leads in a Month

After turning Google Ads off so that my client in the legal industry could have a well-deserved break over Christmas, the month of January brought in 46 new leads for this client.

More Revenue for Less Money

One customer had an existing Google Ad camping set up, which they had connected through their e-commerce website. By making a few changes I was able to increase their revenue from $507 to $1,129 over the same time frame. The amount they spent on ads also went down from $297 to $81. This means their ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) increased from 170% to 1,382%. More revenue for less more money.


Not sure if this is right for you? Get in contact to set up a quick call to discuss.

Read the Terms & Conditions