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My name is Jess. I am a designer & digital strategist based on the Gold Coast, Australia.  I like helping businesses grow. I get a kick out of increasing sales, make things beautiful & helping people be more efficient with their strategy.

Want to know how I ended up here?

This is me at Sydney University. I was on the Deans list of excellence for academic performance.

Smarty pants

It was a twist of fate which lead me to a degree in Design Computing at Sydney University. (Short version of the story: I was submitting my university applications while in a remote area in Cuba, with a very, very bad internet and a few pigs & chickens running around my feet.)

It was very fortunate because I couldn’t have asked for a degree better suited to my interests,  and love of using both my creative and analytical mind.

I was able to learn about graphic design, user experience design, I learnt  to code, and got to study colour design for an entire year. There was plenty of practice making websites and I even ended up working at the art gallery on campus.

I also had some of my work published in a paper, was on the Dean’s list of excellence, had some projects exhibited & got great marks.  I was genuinely interested in what I was learning, and that showed.


After university, I went travelling for what was meant to be 3 months but ended up being 2 years. I learnt to speak Spanish, worked as an artists assistant, lived on a farm on a volcano in the middle of a freshwater lake, and learnt what life is all about.

I returned to Sydney and worked for a few different companies including an Apple computer repair shop and a digital marketing agency.

While I enjoyed all the Google keyword research, website reviews, and helping clients grow their business; city life was not for me.

So it was off to beautiful Byron Bay where I began my freelancing journey.

This is me in my early days of freelancing; working for a client in their beautiful meditation hut. I had found my groove.
Crossing the 37,000 follower mark. It is always fun to reach a milestone


I love helping clients grow their business so working directly with motivated business owners who are doing great things in the world was a match made in heaven for me.

Since 2012 I’ve created: overall marketing strategies, email campaigns, graphics, logos, websites, social media accounts, Google AdWords campaigns, and even some textile prints. 

During this time I also built a side hustle with an Instagram following of 37,000 followers. I then monetised this passion project and still use it as a place to experiment.


After years of working with clients directly, I began searching for ways I could help more businesses at once – especially in a small business budget-friendly way.

This has lead me to running webinars and workshops helping business owners get their online marketing up to scratch.

I enjoy presenting and love to hear about all of the amazing business that people are creating.

This is me speaking at an event on the Gold Coast.

If you think I might be a good fit for your business and want to find out how I might be able to help, contact me.

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Thanks for reading my story,
best wishes from Jess 

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